Monday, February 21, 2011

New Things, Including a New Hobby

Sorry for not updating in the past couple weeks. Life has been pretty busy. When I last wrote, I mentioned that Chicago was recovering from the Blizzard of 2011 quite nicely. After a pretty good cold snap, we had a stretch of warm, spring-like weather, so those 20 or so inches of snow are all gone now.

Some new things in the past few weeks...Jason and I had our first Valentine's Day together. I cooked breakfast-for-dinner for us. One of my favorite things to do is cooking for him. Before anyone protests that I am setting the women's movement back to the 50s, I would like to point out that I grew up in a house where everyone cooks. I have been helping my mom bake since I was very little. My dad and brother love to make chili together. When my brother starts dating, he will probably cook for his girlfriend. Cooking for someone is a wonderful gift, no matter who is doing the cooking (or the eating).

I also went to the Chicago Auto Show for the first time on Friday. My brother Johnny wanted to go, so our dad took him, Jason, and me. On the one hand, it was kind of neat to see all of the new cars. On the other hand, Jason and I know very little about cars, so most of the technical talk was lost on us. They had a slot car track, which was pretty cool.

My new hobby is building things out of Legos. Here is one of my favorite TV characters, in half-inch plastic form:

"Hello, I'm the Doctor." The sonic screwdriver in his hand is actually a sonic wrench, because there is no way to attach the blue piece to a screwdriver. I am not sure if Lego even makes minifig-sized screwdrivers.

And, of course, what would the Doctor be without something to save people from? Here is a close-up of my Lego Dalek design.

Good thing I was able to snap that photo without getting caught...


Next on my list of things to build is a Lego TARDIS. I found some great designs on Flickr, and was quite excited to find a video tutorial for one of my favorites.

I only have about half the pieces I need, but that is easily fixable. I shall have more photos soon!

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