Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hat-A-Week, Day 2

My first hat of the New Year is complete! It was nice to have a couple days off so I could work on it. I probably won't start on my next hat for a couple days. I need to decide on a pattern. Yes, even though I am calling this project "Hat-a-week," some hats are going to take less than a week. Some will probably take longer. It's all pretty flexible.

And now...the hat!

I am still experimenting with different photography and lighting techniques, using my ultra-sophisticated iPod Touch camera. Here I am wearing the hat. I stood right next to a lamp so the details would show:

Ta-da! I'm really pleased with how it came out. This is one of my favorite hat patterns; I have used it several times before. However, if I was making it for someone with a larger head, I would probably make it a little longer so that it covers the ears. On my tiny head it works fine.

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