Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hat #5 (Hat-a-week): Pac-Hat!

I have decided, with January coming to an end, it will be much easier throughout the year to count the number of hats I've made instead of the number of days in 2013...

My fifth hat is inspired by an icon of 1980s arcade games, the one and only Pac-Man!

It looks like a big chunk is missing from the middle, but that's only because the mouth is black yarn and I took this picture on a dark purple background.

Here is the design from the front:

And from the other side:

Waka waka waka waka waka!

There is no chart for this one, but if you are interested, I started out with 6 stitches of black yarn and then added 3 black stitches on each side of the mouth, every 2 rows, until the mouth is 42 stitches across. The top of the mouth is worked the same way in reverse.

I may make a ghost hat at some point in the future...right now I don't think I have the right colors of yarn.

Also, for anyone interested, I am now on Pinterest! I haven't posted any of my hat designs yet, though. Right now I'm still learning the site. There is so much to navigate.

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