Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Birthday Gifts

My brother's birthday is coming up this week, so Jason and I went to my family's house to celebrate on Sunday. Johnny was very excited to see the Mario hat. He immediately put it on and requested I take a picture of him wearing it.

I had several gifts for him, including another craft project. I had been wanting for a while to decorate an iPod case, ever since I saw Epbot's tutorial on custom iPhone covers with scrapbooking paper. I snagged a couple of clear cases off of Amazon on the cheap, and my idea was to paint a design on the inside (so it wouldn't rub off). Jason and I went to Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago to look for paint. I wasn't sure what type of paint would be the best, so I finally ended up with a set of paint markers that are supposed to work on nearly any surface. 

I went with a simple design for my first attempt: the little star guy from Mario. I printed out a picture to use as my template and taped it right underneath the case. I did the black first to outline the star and draw the eyes. Since your design will be seen from the back, the background color needs to be done last. After the black was dry I filled in the middle with yellow. I probably could have waited a little longer, because the black started to bleed through just a little. You'd have to look pretty close to notice, though. Here is the completed case!

I took this one at home before I wrapped it. That's not an actual iPod in there, just the cardboard insert that came with the case (hence the shadow in the picture).

I have another case for my own iPod, but I have a different idea in mind for that one. Stay tuned!

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