Monday, March 14, 2011

Convention Countdown!

First of all, happy pi day! Yes, pi=3.14 (approximately), so March 14=Pi Day. Thank your math teacher, and go to Baker's Square. Or something.

Side note: Baker's Square raspberry pie? With a scoop of ice cream? Heaven on earth.

In other news, the countdown on the C2E2 website reminds me that there are only 3 days, 18 hours (57 minutes, 3 seconds...) left until the convention! I still need to order my autograph ticket for Eliza Dushku. I think I will have her sign my DVD set for Buffy season 3.

My costume is complete, but I still need to figure out how I will be carrying stuff around. I think what I may do is get a carabiner or something that I can clip onto my Nerf bandolier. This is the one I got:

I need a small bag or something to keep my wallet and camera. That is one problem with my costume: no pockets. In the past I have worn a backpack; that would probably be the safest choice. And I have one with thin straps that will not be too noticeable in the photos. In fact, I will do just that.

That was very helpful. Glad we had this little chat.

Question for the comments: What is your favorite pie?

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