Monday, January 17, 2011

Resolution: Jan 13-17

Current music: Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here." Good song.

January 13: Jason bought me a lightsaber for my birthday! He has quite a few in his collection, but this is my first one (and yes, my birthday was Sunday, but the box was delayed by the dark side of the Force). Not only does it light up, it has LEDs in the blade. This makes it look like the light actually starts at the base and goes up to the top (rather than, say, a flourescent light that turns on all at once). AND it has sound effects when you turn it on or wave it around. Jason's favorite feature is that it has a removable blade, so I can take it out and wear the base on a belt clip. Very cool.

January 14: Went to Wendy's for lunch. I hardly ever do fast food anymore, but I liked their mandarin chicken salad. Discovered they no longer have it, and decided to try a chicken sandwich instead. Also tried their re-vamped, "natural" French fries...which still do not taste like potato. Then I went to the library and got some books on searching for a job. This will be my first time utilizing outside help in my job search. I already have a job--in fact, I work at no less than three places--but all of them are part-time. This means that I could work as many as six days in a week (which has not happened yet) or as little as one and a half (which did happen, last week). I like all of the places I work for, but would also like to have something more consistent.

January 15: My mom printed out a bunch of recipes she found online, and asked everyone to pick one that they would like to try. Saturday was my pick; we all tried French chicken stew. It was delicious.

January 16: Spent the day with Jason, who was off of work. Even though we have been together for more than 7 months, it seems as though we are always doing something new...Jason's pick of the new recipes was ginger chicken soup. Also a hit with everyone who tried it.

January 17: Dinner was my brother Johnny's pick: chicken and leek casserole. I had never tried leeks before. The flavor reminded me of a combination between onion and cabbage. Not a big fan of cabbage; not too sure if I like leeks.

Wow. I just realized how many of my firsts are food-related. I can justify this by admitting that, at the age of twenty-three, I am still a picky eater. It is a bit embarrassing, and it can get me into trouble when we go out to eat or when I am invited to someone else's house for dinner. I guess this is an area where I have a lot of room for growth. Who knows, maybe by the end of the year I will be eating head cheese. Or haggis. But don't count on it.

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