Monday, January 10, 2011

Resolution: Jan 7-10

Movin' right search of good times and good news, with good friends you can't lose, this could become a habit...


Note to self: Do not listen to the Muppets while blogging.

As I was going to say: I'm moving right along with my New Year's resolution!

January 7: Working at Mrs. F's daycare again. For the first time, got to bottle-feed a baby. I love working with young kids--I thought for a long time that I would be a good teacher--but actually have very little experience with infants. Up until now, all of the kids I took care of were toddlers or older. Anyway, the little boy I took care of was very good about drinking his bottle. I had to experiment a little bit with the angle and find a balance between enough milk that he wasn't sucking any air but not so much it started running down his chin because he couldn't drink fast enough. Also got to change some diapers, but I've done that before.

January 8: Working at the spice store again. Went to Breugger's Bagels for lunch. Instead of my usual PB&J bagel, I decided to try one of their salads. It was good: lots of leafy greens, grilled chicken, wonton noodles and sliced almonds. It was also expensive. I have noticed that there seems to be an inverse relationship between how much food costs and how good it is for you; my favorite place to go for lunch is the pizza place with $2.50 giant slices. By contrast, my salad was $7.99.

January 9: My birthday! The first time spending it with Jason. It was an excellent day. It was also the first time that he went to my favorite pizza place with us (which was another reason I went for salad on Saturday; I knew we'd be going for pizza the next day). I could tell he enjoyed it, and none of us had been there for a while, so it was really nice. Dessert was Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake (Oreo ice cream and chocolate cake). Another first; definitely something I would order again. I usually ask for vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, but since everyone else in the house prefers chocolate/chocolate, I decided to try for something everyone would like. It was a resounding success. Even my brother, who is not much of a cake person, loved it. As the final icing on the cake (LOL) I checked my email last night and saw that The Dark Crystal had been re-posted to SwapaDVD, which completely makes up for my missing it the other day.

January 10: First time filling out a "fraud packet." I found out last year that I had been a victim of identity theft. I thought it was all taken care of; long story short, this should solve the problem for real. Today I mailed the fraud packet and had it sent out certified. I have been going to the post office a lot lately, sending out DVDs and books (SwapaDVD has a sister site, Paperback Swap, that works on the same principle but with books). Today my first two DVDs from SwapaDVD arrived! I got Ninja in the Claw of the CIA and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The ninja one was Jason's idea; I have a feeling I will be sending that one out again real soon after we watch it. I also requested two books from Paperback Swap. I was incredibly surprised to find them; both books were pretty obscure, but they were available right away. It was nice to find the exact books I was looking for, especially after my disappointment with the DVD selection.

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