Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolution: Jan 3-4

Well, we are five days into the new year and I have not broken my resolution yet. Excellent! Here is what I have done in the past couple days.

January 3: I filed my "Estimated Taxes." Exciting, I know. Apparently I make enough money from my nannying job that I need to report my earnings to the IRS, but since I never filled out any forms to start my job it counts as self-employment, and I need to pay all of the money that an employer would deduct from my paycheck for taxes. I might get some of it back in April, which would count as the first time I get a tax refund instead of having to pay (although it usually works out fairly even).

This was also the first time I had to speak to a Fraud department (completely unrelated to the taxes). Also not fun, but the woman I talked to on the phone was very helpful and this means that we are one step closer to solving a problem, so I will count that as a good thing.

Also, about a week ago I joined a website called SwapaDVD, where you list DVDs you want to trade. I finally earned a free credit for posting 10 DVDs, so for the first time I got to request a movie instead of sending one out. The only caveat is that you are limited to what other people want to trade, so it gets kind of tricky predicting what is available. Jason and I finally decided on a ninja movie, based on the name alone: Ninja in the Claw of the CIA. I wish I hadn't been so eager to use my credit, because less than 12 hours after I requested that movie, The Dark Crystal became available and I lost my spot in line because I had no credit to pay for it. It must have gone to someone else, because the next day I started receiving credits for movies I sent out and Dark Crystal was no longer available.

January 4: I went to Caribou Coffee for breakfast and tried their oatmeal. It was all right, but a little bit more watery than I usually like it. I tried the Maple Brown Sugar; I think next time I will try something different, because that one was too sweet after a while. I also tried their dark chocolate hot cocoa, which was excellent. I don't go to Caribou that often because I don't drink coffee. I'm hyper enough without caffeine.

I also went somewhere new for lunch. Potbelly Sandwiches just opened up down the street from my other job (as a spice girl; no, seriously, I sell spices). I decided to get their pizza sandwich: marinara sauce, mushrooms, pepperoni, and provolone cheese. It was very good. At the recommendation of my co-worker Daniel, I also decided to order a milkshake. It was delicious, but I don't think I will order another until it warms up a bit.

Finally, I got a call yesterday that will hopefully mean I have a new job soon! I know a woman who runs an in-home daycare center. We ran into each other a few weeks ago, and she mentioned that she was looking for someone to help out. I am going over there this evening to fill out an application, and then she wants me to start on Friday! Things are looking up all around. Time to move beyond the past and look forward.

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