Friday, January 7, 2011

Resolution: Jan 5-6

January 5: My first time attending a Catholic funeral. Jason's grandfather died last week, and I wanted to be there with his family. I had planned on being more of an observer than a participant, but even if I had wanted to follow along I would have been lost. I was able to stand and sit when everyone else did, but that was about it. Everything else moved pretty fast. There was more up-and-down than I expected. As Jason commented, "The best part about a Lutheran service is you don't have to kneel." I think we'll just leave it at that.

January 6: First day at my new job! I know a woman who runs an in-home daycare, and she needs another assistant. I was pleasantly surprised at how much nicer it was than the daycare center I worked at briefly last summer, where they basically put me in charge of the Caterpillar Room. Alone. Yes, it is legal for one adult to be responsible for ten preschool-age children without any assistance. The child-to-adult ratio really makes all the difference; the in-home daycare has more infants and toddlers, where the ratio is 4 or 5 children per adult. Yesterday we had 8 kids and 2 adults, which suits me just fine. The kids are really sweet, too.

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