Friday, June 10, 2011

30 Days of Doctor Who, Day 10

Today's topic: Favorite Scene or Moment

Later in the month, we have various clarifications of that question (favorite moment that makes you cry, favorite moment that makes you laugh, etc) so I suppose to avoid duplication this favorite moment should not fit into any of those categories. Which leaves me to think of a scene that is just indescribably awesome.

The first one that comes to mind is Ten coming to save Reinette at the end of "Girl of the Fireplace." The Doctor, Rose, and Mickey landed on a ship that is connected through a fireplace to a little girl's bedroom in 18th-century France. The ship is piloted by the clockwork demons, and the Doctor finds out that they want to take the little girl and use her as the navigator of the ship...or, more specifically, they want to add her brain to the navigational system. So to stop them, the Doctor uses another portal on the ship and comes crashing through a mirror on horseback. If that is not impressive, then I do not know what is. It definitely made me cheer.

Tomorrow's topic: Favorite scene or moment that makes you cry.

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