Monday, June 13, 2011

30 Days of Doctor Who, Day 13 AND Who Review

Today's topic: Favorite Era Visited by the Doctor

For some reason, I have to say 1950's Britain, as seen in the Ten/Rose episode "The Idiot's Lantern." Man, that was another great episode. The monster attacks people through their televisions. Of course, this being the 1950s, televisions are rather difficult to come by...except for that nice television salesman who is selling sets at ridiculously low prices so that everyone in the neighborhood can watch the coronation. Or, you know, so the monster can attack everyone at the same time. Did I mention that the monster eats people's faces? Incredibly creepy, yet cool.

Tomorrow's topic: Favorite Doctor moment.

Now for the Who Review for "A Good Man Goes to War."


Even with one twist revealed for me beforehand (Melody Pond=River Song), this episode still had some surprises. The Sontaran nurse was hilarious, especially when he offered to nurse the baby. That was kinda weird. In fact, I would say that was weirder than the human/Silurian lesbian couple.

And at the end, when the baby turned out to be a ganger...I am so glad I do not have kids, because that would probably give me actual nightmares. To have your baby melt in your arms? I cannot think of anything that would be more horrifying for a new mother. Compounded with the realization that this means your actual child is in the clutches of the creepy eyepatch lady, who wants to turn her into a super-weapon.

This episode raised an interesting point: For someone who is opposed to violence, the Doctor does seem to cause a lot of it. And how much of a badass do you need to be if people are intimidated when all you do is show up? What kind of awful acts do you need to commit to earn that kind of reputation? Poor Doctor. As if he did not have enough to feel guilty about already.

And, with the "Only water in the forest is the River" explained, we are now on hiatus until fall. Grr. On a brighter note, in two weeks there will be new episodes of Leverage! This will be season 4, and I have yet to see an episode that disappointed me. I will probably do Leverage recaps here too, starting soon after June 26. Like Doctor Who, they will be delayed by a day or two due to my lack of cable. Hooray for iTunes!

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