Thursday, June 9, 2011

30 Days of Doctor Who, Day 9

Today's Topic: Least Favorite Episode

Of the ones I have seen so far, my least favorite is "The End of the World" from Series 1. It has everything I disliked about Nine; he comes off as insensitive to Rose's discomfort and rather dismissive of humanity in general. This was rather jarring, after seeing Ten spend his first appearance talking about how wonderful humans are...

This was added to my long list of reasons why David Tennant is made of awesome.

By the time the season ended, Nine had grown on me somewhat. However, in my mind at least, "The End of the World" was an unimpressive early episode that did not live up to its full potential. Even if it was the first appearance of Cassandra, and the Face of Boe.

Tomorrow's topic: Favorite Scene or Moment. Are you kidding me?? Prepare for another long one, folks.

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