Thursday, June 2, 2011

30 Days of Doctor Who, Day 2 AND Nail Art

Today's topic on 30 Days of Doctor Who: Favorite Companion

I like all of the companions I have seen so far, but my favorite is Donna. I think she and the Doctor had great chemistry, and they were good for each other. He needed her as his moral compass, someone to challenge his more extreme decisions. At the same time, she really became a happier, more well-rounded person when she was with him. What happened at the end of Journey's End was just heartbreaking. (I will leave it at that. If I say any more...SPOILERS!) I love the first episode of season 4, especially the scene where she and the Doctor finally reunite.

Tomorrow on 30DoDW: Favorite Villain

Now for a quick craft: How to do ladybug nail art!

With the warmer weather, I love wearing sandals or even going barefoot. I will paint my toenails once a week or so, and recently I became interested in doing some different designs. I picked up a black nail art pen at Wallgreen's. My original thought was to do pink nails with a watermelon design, but the green polish I had was so thin that I had to throw it out. So I did a base coat of red for a ladybug design instead.

The pen was very easy to use. I was afraid it would be hard to control, but as you can see the line down the middle was nice and thin. I drew a little shape on the top for the head, with four dots on each side of the line. I was going to stop with just decorating the big toes, but then decided to do dots on the smaller toes as well. I am nowhere near professional level yet, but for a first attempt I am quite pleased with the results.

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