Sunday, December 15, 2013

Advent Calendar, Day 14

Today's activity: Go see "A Klingon Christmas Carol." Qapla'!

Jason and I had such a fun time! This has been going on in Chicago for four years now, but neither of us knew about it until last year. We were unable to go last year, so I was very excited to be able to go this year. We got our tickets through the Chicago Nerd Social Club, who had a meet-up last night with discounted tickets. We met some great people. The people running the show were very nice--they let us take a group picture on the set after the show. Unfortunately it's not up online yet.

The show itself was very well done. The stage was tiny, so they only had a few basic set pieces that were moved around between scenes. The play itself was performed entirely in Klingon, with the English translation projected on the wall behind the stage. There was also a Vulcan narrator; her lines were in English. The basics of the story were the same, but some details were changed to fit the Klingon "culture": in addition to being a money lender and a man without honor, Scrooge (or SQuja') is a coward. He must learn that a Klingon never backs down from a fight.

There were also tons of Trek references thrown in: SQuja' and the Ghost of Kahless Past travel from place to place by "transporter" (shining a spotlight on them with the transporter sound). He is also dressed like the original Klingons, before their makeup included forehead ridges. The Ghost of Kahless Future had the Klingon helmet from Star Trek: Into Darkness. And the opening narration informed us that "Marley was dead. As dead as a redshirt."

If you like Star Trek and you find yourself in Chicago, this is a definite must-see!

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