Sunday, December 8, 2013

Advent Calendar, Day 8

Today's activity: Set up Christmas decorations at church.

We had a Christmas decorating party scheduled after the service today. Our congregation is small, but we had over a dozen people stay to set up decorations and then have lunch. My brother runs our organ via computer, so he set up a playlist of Christmas hymns to play in the background while we worked. Between that and the falling snow, I was feeling pretty festive.

We have a pre-lit tree set up on the altar.

The tree skirt was made by my mom, out of some leftover Christmas prints we bought to use as tablecloths. I worked with the kids in our Sunday school class to put up the ornaments. We had no broken ornaments this year! Always a plus. While I was doing that, Jason helped to put up garlands.

Our nativity is set up in the area outside the chapel.

I think it's lost a few pieces over the years..I know we had a donkey, and I'm pretty sure there was an angel at some point too. 

I brought a casserole for the potluck, along with about half of the peanut blossoms we made yesterday. They all got eaten up, so I already decided to make a new batch next weekend. My secret is to top them with dark chocolate kisses, which taste great on their own and even better when paired with the peanut butter cookie.

And finally, our snowman is ready for bed.

This has been a busy--but fun--weekend. I have to say it will be easier to go back to work tomorrow knowing we have another activity planned for the evening! Even though I decided on the schedule for our advent calendar, I don't remember what activities are planned for every day. Tomorrow will be a surprise!

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