Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Advent Calendar, Day 16

Today's activity: Play "Holiday Word" Scrabble.

Jason and I play Scrabble pretty often. It's one of our favorite games. Jason came up with the idea of only making holiday-related words (SNOW, GIFT, PARTY, etc). To give ourselves a better chance of coming up with holiday words, we started out with 10 tiles each, as opposed to the normal 7. It seemed that 10 tiles still wasn't enough, so we came up with an alternate rule: seven tiles, but any holiday word we could make was automatically double points.

I took this picture to put on a T-shirt when I met John Green a few years back.
Our first round still didn't go very well; we only got one or two holiday words each. Jason wants a rematch, partly to try again and partly because I got "QUID" on a triple-word score. 42 points! 

We came up wit a few more rule changes. Here are the new modified rules:
-We each have two tile racks, for a total of twelve tiles.
-Holiday words on "normal" squares get Double Word points.
-Holiday words on Double Letter get Triple Letter points instead, and Triple Word instead of Double Word.
-Holiday words on Triple Letter or Triple Word get 4 times the normal points for the letter or word.

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