Thursday, December 6, 2012

Advent Calendar of Christmas Songs

I love music, and there are some Christmas songs that always put a huge grin on my face. There are some I can't stand, too, but for now I am going to talk about one favorite song for each day leading up to Christmas.  After Christmas I might do a feature on "Christmas songs I'm glad I won't hear for another year."

Anyway, I have a bit of catching up to do, so let us jump right in!

December 1: You're A Mean One, Mister Grinch by Thurle Ravenscroft

Why I love it: This is the closest thing to an anti-Christmas song you will find on my list. The Grinch is one of those villains you just love to hate. Plus, it's sung by Thurle Ravenscroft, who also voiced Tony the Tiger for years of Frosted Flakes commercials.

December 2: Deck the Stills by Barenaked Ladies

Why I love it: I love BNL. Their album "Barenaked For the Holidays" has more favorites on my list than any other album. Oddly enough, it also has some songs which I can't stand, but I find this one hilarious. It's such a simple concept: singing "Deck the Halls" but replacing all the lyrics with "Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young."

December 3: (It Must Have Been Ol') Santa Claus by Harry Connick Jr.

Why I love it: The other album which contains several of my favorite songs is Harry Connick Jr.'s "When My Heart Finds Christmas." This was the album we would always play at my house when we were decorating the tree or baking Christmas cookies, so it definitely has a nostalgic feel for me now. This song is jazzy and the chorus has me singing along every time. Fun fact: for the longest time, I thought the phrase "big red hat" was "favorite hat," like the kid in the song had lost his favorite hat at some point in the past but Santa magically found it for him.

December 4: Winter Wonderland by Amy Grant

Why I love it: I love snow. I feel like it's compensation for dealing with the cold--the newly fallen snow makes everything look fresh and clean, even if I do need to bundle up in a puffy jacket and two layers of gloves. I love walking through the snow when it's coming down, because it does feel like a fantasy world. Also, Amy Grant has a marvelous voice.

December 5: Frosty, the Snow Man by Canadian Brass

Why I love it: ONE MORE TIME! Because you know what happens when Frosty gets hot...Also, the world needs more tuba.

December 6: Blue Christmas by Porky Pig

Why I love it: I heard this song for the first time several years ago, when our family decided for the first (and last) time to tune our radios to Chicago's Lite FM, which plays nothing but Christmas music between Halloween and New Year's. It seemed like they were playing Elvis Presley's "Blue Christmas" every ten minutes, so this version was a welcome break. I could not stop cracking up the first time I heard it.

Check back every day (hopefully!) for the next song on my list.

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