Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Song Advent Calendar, December 24

Today's song: I Saw Three Ships by Barenaked Ladies

Why I love it: There are two things about this song that really make it stand out. The first is the mandolin in the background. So joyful. The second is the slightly syncopated rhythm (ooooh, technical music term!). Before I heard this version, I never really cared about "Three Ships." I didn't dislike it; it just seemed like a forgettable song to me. The only thing I dislike about this song is that it is only a minute long.

Merry Christmas eve, everyone! I am off to bake brownies. I will have a "Bah, Humbug List" of Christmas songs I don't like in a few days. Look for new crafty and/or geeky posts from Crafty Geek in the new year! I hope you enjoyed the advent calendar of songs.

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