Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Song Advent Calendar: December 12

Today's Song: Parade of the Wooden Soldiers by Harry Connick Jr.

Why I love it: This is another one I loved as a kid. It is such a fun song. I loved imagining all of the toys coming to life and having a party after Santa left his workshop. Even though Santa is never mentioned specifically, I always pictured him as the toy shop owner. Also, the music just makes you want to dance. I played this song for my preschool class yesterday and they immediately started marching along to the music. It was adorable.

It's interesting how portrayals of Santa have changed these days. I saw a Christmas cartoon from the Disney Channel a few weeks ago about Santa's elves. Apparently, instead of magic, Santa now uses an Internet database to keep track of the Naughty/Nice list. Also, his elves have electronic gadgets and communicate with Santa on walkie-talkies...or maybe they were cell phones. Anyway, I just thought it was interesting that magic had been replaced by technology.

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