Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Craft Resolution!

Hi, everyone. My name is Monica...and I am a yarn addict.

Hi, Monica.

I have a basket in the living room filled with the yarn for a half-finished afghan...

At least it's all one project.

Our spare bedroom has a large shipping box full to overflowing...

Still not so bad, right?

The box is right next to a large chest, which is ALSO filled with, you guessed it, MORE YARN.

The volume of this chest is over 11,000 cubic inches. Full of yarn.

Thus, the shipping box. I literally could not fit any more yarn in this chest. There is only one thing to be done with all this yarn: Use it. But for what? My crafting time is limited to when I come home from work in the evenings...or on the train. It would need to be something small and portable. Something I can work up easily and quickly. Something I can make in different styles. Something like...hats.

I love hats. They keep the sun out of my eyes in the summer and keep my ears from falling off during long Chicago winters. My current favorite hat is a Care Bear hat that I bought this summer at Wizard World:

Yes, that is Amy Acker with me. Wizard World is AWESOME.

But I also love to make hats. They can come in any color, size, or style. They work with yarn that's thin, thick, cheap, expensive, solid color, multi-colored, you name it. My New Year's resolution is to make at least one hat every week. And to blog about it. Most of the hats will go to various charities in the Chicago area, so if you know of one that would like hand-knitted hats, please let me know!

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